Punter Lachlan Edwards drafted by the New York Jets

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It was with great pleasure learning of Lachlan Edwards being drafted by the New York Jets today in the NFL draft.

From the first time I had the opportunity to Coach Lachlan, I knew he had the ability to become an NFL Punter.  With a natural drop and a strong ability to learn Punting, Lachlan began his journey towards meeting his Punting goals.

With existing OzPunt Punter Matthew Foster graduating from Sam Houston State University, a door was open for Lachlan to replace Matthew.  Due to the great role Matthew had played at Sam Houston State University, Special Teams Coach Discher was happy to sit with me and evaluate the film put together on Lachlan.  Shortly after our meeting Lachlan was offered a scholarship to Sam Houston State University; Coach Discher had recognised the Punting ability in Lachlan.

The hard work was just about to start for Lachlan, transferring from Ballarat University in Victoria; Australia, Lachlan took on extra studies in the American Summer, and continued to perform just as well in the class room as he did on the football field.  When I meet with people who have either played with and or Coached Lachlan, they all mention that ‘he is one hell of a Punter, but what he does in the class room is exceptional’.  Lachlan’s hard work in the class room led to him being an academic all-conference punter for three years.  One NFL Coach informed me that it was not just the hard work he puts into his football, he was impressed with the hard work he put into his studies.

The next part of Lachlan’s football career is about to start with the New York Jets.  With Lachlan’s ability to embrace hard work I’m sure we will all watch Lachlan continue Punting for many more years to come.

Success does not come from just focusing on kicking a football; you need to focus on all the aspects you have some control over.  Lachlan has modelled this for all of us setting a goal, congratulations Lachie it has been a pleasure watching your journey, and I look forward to what the future holds.

Cameron McGillivray

OzPunt Director

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