Australian Championships

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National Championships: Melbourne, Victoria. 27th - 28th of December 2014

Over the past 7 years OzPunt has hosted and ran the Australian National Kicking and Punting Championships, as part of the "OzPunt Summer Sessions". It is a great opportunity for all skill levels to come and get some quality coaching for both kickers and punters.

There are 3 levels for participants;

Juniors: Up to year 11 at High School
College: Year 12 to College Eligible participants
NFL: Anyone hoping to make the NFL ranks

The championships will conclude with a competition to determine who is the best Punter and Kicker in Australia. The Championships came about via suggestions from College and NFL coaches, they wanted to have an event where all the potential talent from Australia could be viewed and graded against each other. They also wanted to make sure participants were being taught the correct techniques so they can make an easy transition into American Football Teams.

The film from this event would then be seen by NFL and College Coaches knowing that the conditions were the same for all participants, and that the film is verified by OzPunt.

Held during December each year, it is also a good lead up for both College and NFL prospects before they head off to America for tryouts (refer to OzPunt "Going to America" on tool bar). With participants from most states last year, it is also a good opportunity for individuals to compare themselves against their peers.

Take a look at the media section for coverage of past years championships.

Register early as places are limited for both kickers and punters.

The National Australian Kicking and Punting Championships will be held over the following dates:

December 27th - 28th 2014
The event will kick off on Saturday and conclude on Sunday afternoon.

Cost: $440 includes refreshments on both days, and all coaching lessons.

You will also be provided with your film from the event, and this film will be sent to over 100 college coaches with your punting results and personal details so they can contact you via OzPunt for potential college scholarship and NFL tryout offers.


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